It’s Always Something… It’s How You Deal With It! Good, Bad, or Ugly

It’s Monday and SSI is rockin’ with so many different projects and supporting new clients…It’s a challenge to keep up with everything!  We hosted a fantastic call this morning where we helped a stylist in the Pacific Northwest gain clarity on how to find the best work/life balance for her and her business. It was a very emotionally powerful breakthrough that helped all of us on the call!  If you haven’t signed up for our regular tele-seminar series, you’re missing out on some amazing education and coaching from our panel of coaches!

We also had a radio interview scheduled with an industry leader – stay tuned for details and updates on when that will air in your area! We have interviews with the lucky winners of last week’s contest for salon and stylist spotlights AND we’re putting final touches on our Annual “Transformational Intensive Program”  for this fall!  All that and we’ve also been kickin’ ass coaching our clients in between our meetings!

It’s not always fun and games though…we are “human” too and have challenges, frustrations, moments of insanity that we must choose to overcome each day as well.  Do you ever wonder why do bad things “always” seem to happen?  It’s easy to get caught up in the “drama” and “victim” mindsets when bad things happen – especially when they happen to YOU or someone you’re close to.  Sometimes, there even seems to be an influx of negatitivity that takes place in a consistent manner over a short period of time…which makes it even harder to focus on the positive aspects of life, business, and relationships.

The stress and worry over all of the negative occurrences makes it feel like your life’s on fire and blowing-up in front of you, and you’re stuck it the heat…making you just want to run away and hide rather than stand in it, and walk through the fire – to the other side.

But, you can’t back down when you’re at that very intense moment.  Stand there, stick with it, go through it, and get to the other side where you will become a stronger, more brilliant version of you!  When you go through a period or moment of growth and you become a bigger being, you can never go back to the smaller being… It’s impossible!

We challenge you to consciously stop when you catch yourself listening to that “victim voice”, and to not quit on yourself or your dreams.  Instead, make a decision to think, act and react to the circumstances differently.   Stick with it, go through the fire, and be the brilliant version of you that the world is waiting on!

See you on the other side,

~The Team @ SSI

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