Who’s Causing Your Cracks and What’s Leaking Out?!?

That’s an odd question, but trust me, keep reading on… because I’m talking about that team member that is sabotaging your business.

It’s the team member that has a negative attitude and response to just about everything, everybody, and every system in place.  It’s the team member who creates their own rules and plays by their own rules.

It’s the team member that walks in the door and immediately shifts the energy and environment. They’re an earthquake that literally rocks the place to it’s core. Their aftershocks of whining, complaining, justifying, laying-blame, backstabbing, and outright arrogant behaviors continue on and on and are deeply rooted in the environment. They create damaging cracks in the business.

These cracks are in the morale, the integrity, the team, and basically the overall health of the company.

With those cracks… leaks occur.

Those leaks are detrimental to the future of the business.


Because, when there are leaks, the integrity of the entire business is breached, and the breach causes the business to lose strength. The business needs strength in order to thrive, but at a minimum, be able to survive.

Breach of integrity leads to bad decisions, low morale, self-serving attitudes, loss of stability, key team members leave, productivity declines, and profits are dismal to none. Now, the clients are sitting in the competitor’s chair.

Is this happening in your business?


You’ve got to take this issue head-on.  It happens way too often.  It closes way too many businesses.

How to stop the cracks, save your business, and progress forward:

  1. Identify the source(s) of the cracks.  The Whos, Whats, Wheres, Whys, Whens, and Hows.
  2. Effectively communicate with those involved to gain clarity and understanding of the situations and issues at hand.
  3. Identify the root cause(s) of behaviors from those actively involved.
  4. Are those individuals able to correct their behaviors to progress forward or is it time for them to move on.  Are they going to become an asset or stay a liability to your organization?
  5. Communicate and educate your entire team on adopting practices of higher standards in behaviors, business practice, and protocols.
  6. Finally, be BOLD that your organization has a no-compromising mindset when it comes to the integrity, morale, and individual &  team behaviors. Excellence is to be practiced with everything and everyone.  Especially your clientele.

You’ve got to hold you and your team to higher standards. When you do, your cracks will disappear and your leaks will stop.  It will take some hard work, some serious clean-up, and some precious time… But, I promise you it’s totally worth the future of your business.

Yours in Success!


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