Undercover Operation Series – Arizona (Part 1)

I Can’t Believe What I Saw….

Goal:  To check out an established Salon & Spa in Arizona
Outcome:  Disappointment and Shock

So, a couple days ago, I had some time between clients and I decided to check out an established Salon & Spa in Arizona and you’ll never believe what I saw…

First, let me tell you a little bit about this place.  This Salon & Spa has been open for about 3 years.  They have a fairly reputable name in the area and many people do frequent their establishment.  They have 10 chairs, 2 skin treatment rooms, and 1 massage room.  They’ve got a great location in a busy shopping area, easy access and plenty of parking.  A beautiful retail section, extremely clean, and an overall inviting environment.

So, here’s what happened…

When I walked in, I was greeted in a very friendly professional way and I was asked if I had an appointment.  I explained to the salon coordinator that I was just checking out their Salon & Spa and would love to see what services they offered.

She cheerfully walked around from the desk and took me on a tour of the facility.  I overheard a disturbing conversation between two stylists (hang tight for details).  And as we approached the front area after the tour I witnessed the most insane moment…

One of the stylist was hijacking product and putting into her purse!!

I’m not kidding, I wish I was.

Now, before you all assume she must have paid for it or made some arrangements… I can assure you she didn’t because during the tour, I heard her tell a fellow stylist what she was about to do.

After she put about 6 different items into her handbag, she said her goodbyes to her team and off she went.  The fellow stylist went outside a few minutes later.

I stood there for a few minutes, digesting what I just witnessed, to only be consumed with shock and utter disgust.

As I can only imagine, you, right at this very moment have your mouth hitting the floor.

The legal, moral, and ethical issues of it all.  How that one decision robs herself, her future, her team, the business owner, and the business as a whole.

The salon coordinator was oblivious to what was going on.  I kindly asked if the owner was available.  She said yes that she was finishing up an appointment and she would send her up front shortly.

I waited a few minutes and….

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story.

Next week in your inbox you’ll find out what happened and how the situation ended.

In the meantime, think about this situation….

  • What would you do if you witnessed this happening in your Salon or Spa that you put your heart and soul into?
  • How would you deal with it?
  • As a fellow team member, leader, or owner?

Until Next Week!


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1 Response to Undercover Operation Series – Arizona (Part 1)

  1. kimberly says:

    Wow! It’s amazing to me how integrity has just simply been removed from every workplace. I thought it was bad that students stole things from each other at school. But in a salon! I think that more people lately feel entitled to everything and take without a care. It’s very sad. I can’t wait to read the outcome and I live in Arizona.

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