Undercover Operation Series Operation #5 – Conclusion

I Can’t Believe What I Saw….


Goal:  To check out an established Salon & Spa in Arizona
Outcome:  Disappointment and Shock

And here is the conclusion…

About 2 weeks after the incident, I received a phone call from the Owner of the Salon & Spa.  She was happy to report in to me what had transpired since that defining day.

It was a defining day for the stylist who stole the product, for the owner, and for the future of the business.

Here’s What The Owner Reported To Me:

“Kimberly, after you left the Salon, I sat at the front desk for a few moments, gathered my thoughts, wiped a few tears, and then made my way back to the break room where I had left the two stylists.  I asked first for the fellow stylist to explain what happened and then I proceeded to ask the stylist who stole from me what happened and why.  Both girls basically told me the same story.

I know I told you Kimberly, that when you were here,  I had some relief to the situation because she chose to come back in and own up to her theft of products.  I was also relieved that I must have had some success instilling a healthy team culture, because her fellow stylist stood by her as support to talk to me.  Not as an accomplice; but as a teammate who cared.

But what happened next changed it all for me…

The stylist who stole from me, stood-up right in front of me took a deep breath and began talking.  Everything shifted.  Her energy shifted.  My energy shifted. My mindset shifted.  My emotions shifted.  I chose to completely hear her without any judgment. (Yes, that can be tough)  Not only is she my employee, but she’s obviously a person who needs to be heard.  She’s another human being.

Her words to me were this, “I know I screwed-up big time.  I made a huge mistake.  I am sorry.  I am asking you not for another chance, but for you to forgive me for betraying your trust, betraying the trust of my team, and betraying my children.”

The enormity of her decision and the choice she made was defining… But, it was within the short time after her decision that defined her future.  She didn’t make any excuses, didn’t hide any details, didn’t try to justify how wrong her decision was… She 100% owned what she did.

She did not justify her decision, make any excuses, or lay blame… She took total responsibility.

Kimberly, I’m not saying what she did was right with stealing from me, my team, and my company.  It was a horrible feeling to know someone who you trusted chose to break the trust.  But, what I am saying is she chose to take ownership of her bad decision.  She didn’t go into sob stories; she just said it as it was. She humbly asked for forgiveness.   I forgave her in an instant.  Because, there needs to be more forgiveness in this world.  Again, I didn’t condone her behavior, I forgave her.

So, what did I do next?  I peacefully hugged her and…

I DIDN’T Fire Her… I Gave Her Another Chance.

We’ve since made agreements and arrangements to have her pay back what she stole (even though she returned the product), she lost her keys to the Salon & Spa, and she lost her employee privileges.

I put her on a 6-month probation period and after 6 months of successfully completing her probationary period, we will look into adding back some of her privileges.

I’m looking forward to moving ahead with her, my team, and my business.

I’ve learned so much about myself as a leader… I’ve learned that making quick emotional decisions like I’ve done in the past may not have served me as well as if I took a deep breath and took a moment or two to think about more than just myself in the heat of the moment.

I’m proud of my growth personally and professionally.  I’m proud of my team.  I’m proud of my business.” ~

It was a beautiful conversation that I had with the Owner of the Salon & Spa.  I will be keeping in touch with the Owner and her team.  I’m excited for their future.

It’s not only the decision of others that affect us, it’s how we decide to respond to the situations.


How would you have handled this situation?  Why?  What are your thoughts?

There’s no right or wrong answer to the questions… It’s about doing what’s best for you, your team, and your business without making quick judgmental emotional decisions.

Do you have a culture that would support your decision?  Are your team members able to put the mission of your organization ahead of personal needs?

There are so many great business and personal lessons in this real-life story.  I hope you have learned something about yourself, your team, and your business through the eyes and experiences of this Owner and her Salon & Spa.

Send us your thoughts and feedback and tell us about you, your team, and your business.

Who knows…. Your Salon & Spa could be one of our next Undercover Operations!!

Continue doing what you do best…. Being You!

Until Next Time!


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