5 Major Reasons I Had To Learn How To “Be Present”

I’ve always known to some degree in both my professional and personal life that being present is an incredibly powerful skill that needed to be mastered if I wanted it all.   I have done so many personal development courses that have taught on this subject and I always came out of a course feeling more powerful, increased clarity, and having a better understanding on how to have laser focus on something or someone when I wanted exchange.   Whether the exchange was communication, closing a deal, more love, more happiness, more of anything, make sense?

It wasn’t until a recent course I attended in Texas; that a higher level of clarity occurred on why I needed to master the ability and spiritual state of being present.

What is being present? Being present is an ability and a state.  It’s the ability to focus on what’s in front of you at that very moment without any distraction of any kind, from past thoughts, future thoughts, people, things, sounds, etc.  It’s a state of fully being here, in the presence-time.

Presence brings a heighted awareness to your thoughts, feelings, moods, or where your attention is fixated.

Here is a very troubling stat I learned, most people only spend roughly 3% of their time in the present.

So, if so many people are only spending about 3% of their time in the present, why is it so important?  Is that why feelings, moods or thoughts are by-passed or ignored?  No wonder why so often having conversations with others you feel like you’re having a one-sided conversation.  Or, working on a project you may be thinking of why you didn’t exercise this morning, or wondering if you turned off the coffee maker before you left the house?  Sounding familiar?

So, for two and a half days, I learned how to be totally present in EVERYTHING I was doing and EVERYONE I was having communication or interaction with.  At first I was getting frustrated, but as Day 1 progressed, it’s like something inside of me was changing.  I was feeling lighter, having a fresher perspective on things, a certain level of peace was taking over.

By the end of the course, I had a major shift happen.  The shift was so strong, that I left the course feeling unstoppable.  As I was making my way back to Arizona, I made a list of the top 5 reasons I had to keep the ability and awareness of being present an everyday habit.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons I Had To Learn To Be Present Once and For All:

  1.  Easier to confront people regardless of situation
  2.  Ability to operate In-The-Zone consistently – Much greater the rewards
  3.  A greater capacity for genuine emotional connection with others (spouse, kids, colleagues)
  4.  Improved health spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially
  5.  A greater love and desire to serve and empower others effectively

The habits that have formed and the results that have and continue to happen from being present in all areas of my life are truly a blessing.  The ability to be present is so rewarding and those you are present with benefit as well.  Because if roughly 3% of us are spending our time in the total presence, you can only imagine the gift you give them when you are.

Presence brings higher levels of awareness around you, higher level of self-concept, and a new level of connecting with others.  It’s a beautiful present to you, your family, your friends and co-workers.

To Presence & Prosperity,


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