Yes, You’re The Toughest Sale of All!

The reality is, that selling You to You is the toughest sale of all!  Why?  Because most of us stand in our own way!  Sound familiar?  Self-doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence, sabotage, etc.  How many times have you had a great idea, you have argued with yourself, and 5 minutes later, the self-doubting side of you wins!  For example, how many of you thought about working out this morning?  Did you do it?  If so, awesome!  If not, why not?  Was it because you were too tired, too busy, worked out last week, deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be healthy, what was it?  Self-sabotage happens at a conscious and subconscious level.  Most of the time, you don’t even know you’re doing it…
Here’s the good news and the bad news…

Bad news first, you were conditioned to think and do things the way you do.  Good news is, YOU can recondition yourself to be who you want to BE! 

It starts with being able to sell you to you. To believe in who you are, who you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE.  You must create the buy-in with yourself and believe in the value you offer, and the natural God-Given talents you have to share with the world.  People are waiting on you and your gifts, because only you have the perfect formula they need.  But, like many of us, you may need to work on your self-concept and perception of your own value in order to make the perfect formula of you shine instead of shy away.

So, I wanted to share 3 easy yet very effective strategies to put into place immediately to start shifting your very own perception of your self-value, and once and for all… Sell You to You!

1.    STOP trying to be someone you’re not!  Make a list of 5 things you love most about what YOU do and who YOU are.  Read the list.  How does it make you feel? Energetic, passionate, excited? Focus on what gives you the positive feelings.  Because, when you’re trying to copy someone else, you’ll have an out-of-sort feeling and that’s also the perception people will have of you.  Keep the list handy, and read, and re-read.  Ignite the real YOU with the energy it creates.

2.   Focus on what’s right about you.  Your talents, your expertise, your ability to make others feel beautiful, your ability to love others, your generosity, etc.  Stop thinking of what may be wrong with you… That detracts you from your beautiful being.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have things we need to improve upon, but focus on the real you; the you that makes a positive impact with so many people.

3.   When you’re feeling beat down, low energy, and questioning your amazing talents…Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and recall a time in your life when you felt totally awesome, unstoppable, at peak performance, and felt like a “nothing gets better than this” moment.  Good.  Stay with that feeling.  Feels amazing right?  The surge of confidence, the burst of energy, and the belief in You again.  Leverage those emotions and feelings and do what you do best.  It takes less than 1-minute to do this exercise and it’s so powerful that it can change your entire being that quickly.  

The more you focus on who you truly are the more you will win!  The more healthy relationships you will build, the more ideal clients you will attract, the more money you will make, and the more happiness you will create all around you.
Let your self-sabotaging behaviors be a trend of the past and practice the 3 easy yet very effective strategies to use…daily!  Recondition your mindset for total success and finally master the toughest sale of all… Selling You to You!
You’re Amazing!


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