Undercover Operation #2

My Experience Visiting a Day Spa in N.W. Washington State
Goal: To have a 90-minute massage

Result:  A total wet noodle and loss of… Read on for total result!

My day started off, well let’s just say a bit soggy because I was caught in a crazy down pour.

So, what do my fellow Washingtonian’s do when it’s cold, rainy, and wet…. They consume mass amounts of coffee.  Literally every four corners at each intersection has an espresso place.  No joke, they’re serious about their java!  Me too, probably because I was born and raised there, it’s part of my genetic make-up now.

Okay… liquid crack in hand, and on my way to a highly anticipated 90-minute massage, to work-out the kinks in my neck and back from multiple flights.  Quite frankly, I probably looked like I was walking around with a stick up my…, well you get the point!

Amped from excessive caffeine, I arrive, and as I am pulling into a parking spot, I glance in the rear view mirror and look at my ridiculous humidified nightmare of a hair mess.  I think, nice impressionable moment…

As I am opening the door, walking in with a stick in the rear, and crazy frizzy hair, I am greeted by the most lovely, warm, and inviting young gal.  The very moment I walked through the door, she stopped what she was doing, got off her chair, came around the front of the desk, and introduced herself and asked for my name.

She immediately made me feel important and valued as a guest!

She also had the precious ability to be completely, 100% PRESENT, in her style of communication.  People crave others to give them their undivided attention.  It’s such a precious commodity and a forgotten habit.  It’s not about creating more time; it’s about how you’re using your time.

Time must be measured by quality NOT quantity.

So, I was greeted, checked-in, changed into the robe, had a relaxing herbal neck wrap on, sipping Yogi ginger tea, and sitting in silence for 15 minutes prior to having my massage.  Already… feeling soooo relaxed.

My massage therapist came into the Zen Room, introduced herself, we went over the usual stuff, and off we went into the blissful treatment room.  I was amazed at the calmness in the room, the peaceful meditative music, the scent of raw lavender oils, and how the energy of the massage therapist was totally congruent with the energy of the room.

The therapist and the treatment room were not competing with their own energies…
They matched and flowed beautifully together!

I was literally in another world for the next 90-minutes.  She listened to my requests prior to treatment, worked on the areas that needed work, she honored my request to have a quiet session, and she was brilliant!

As a therapist or any provider of service, 
you need to make it about the guest, NOT you!

The treatment was complete, she thanked me before I could thank her for the most amazing experience, she told me to not rush getting-up, to take my time, and she quietly exited the room.

I took a few…looong minutes, got dressed, and as I opened the door, she was standing to the side with a bottle of water and a personalized thank-you card for being a guest. How awesome is that?!?  I explained to her that I was here on business, but I am up in the area frequently, and I would make it a routine to see her each time I am in town.  I also asked for her cards to give to my friends and family that are still in the area.

Showing immediate appreciation for your guests will increase 
your pre-books, guest loyalty, and referrals… Guaranteed!

OUTCOME: I was a total noodle for the rest of the day, and was pretty much worthless in terms of productivity!  But, hey, who doesn’t need a break once in a while?!  I was one happy unproductive noodle! 

So, what worked at this Day Spa…

·         Immediate greeting with total presence from Spa Coordinator
·         Feeling totally valued as a guest
·         The Day Spa was crystal clear about making it about the guest; not themselves
·         Service providers with energies matching environment
·         Seamlessly including all 5 senses to give total experience to guest
·         Showing undeniable appreciation for their guests choosing their Day Spa

I usually include what didn’t work…  But, that wasn’t possible with this visit.

Remember, that the ability to be present with your guests and showing heartfelt gratitude will keep your books full… It takes some practice, but it’s the difference between profits and problems with your bottom line.

Until next week…

Be Present!


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