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“Can You Squeeze Me In?”


As it’s a common issue I hear amongst Salon Owners and Leaders, I thought I would write about the very same issue I had when trying to get an appointment at a salon this week.


So, here’s what happened…

I walked into a Salon & Day Spa to inquire about having a particular service done.  The Salon & Spa Coordinator said, “matter of fact, our esthetician has an opening in 5 minutes, her appointment cancelled earlier today.”

I told her that I had the time, so that would be great.  The Salon & Spa Coordinator walked behind the wall to let the esthetician know that she was just re-booked with a new client, the esthetician cut her off saying that she couldn’t take me because one of the stylists needed to get her brows (waxed & tinted) done.

The Salon & Spa Coordinator came back around to the front and informed me that unfortunately another client was squeezed into that time slot and that I would have to schedule an appointment for a later date.  Actually, 6 days later was the soonest I could get in.

What she didn’t know was, I heard the entire conversation.  As a client to the Salon & Spa, I felt of no value.

So, a $150 service, plus return visits, plus add-on services, plus retail products that could have been purchased…

Was the decision to “sneak” an employee in versus trying to “squeeze me in” worth all the potential loses?

At your next morning huddle or team meeting read the scenario and ask your team the following questions.  Create a healthy discussion on the scenario and encourage your team to think about the immediate impact and long term impacts on the business.  Example:  Revenue loss potential, Client Satisfaction Ratings, Loss of referrals, etc.


  1. What are you policies around this scenario?
  2. Are your policies clearly defined?
  3. Are your team members clear on how those decisions can impact the business?
  4. What could have been done differently?
  5. How do you avoid this in the future?
  6. How would you try to correct the situation with the client?   Or would you?

I would love to hear about your team discussions on this scenario.  Email me at  and tell me what happened during your discussions!!

As Always… Yours In Success!!


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