Careful What You’re Spreading

Your energy and your emotions are more contagious than the common cold.

Many people aren’t aware of how their energy and emotions effect their environment.

Have you ever been in a room and someone walks in, doesn’t even say anything, but you can without a doubt totally feel their “stuff” that they’re bringing with them.  Perhaps that person doesn’t even consciously realize what’s happening or worse, they don’t care how their energy impacts their surroundings. It can have devastating implications on the environment.

Imagine that type of energy being brought into your salon or spa environment.  Think about all the ways it’s disrupting the goal of having a free-flow of positive, clean, and calming energy for your clients to experience. 

Obviously, you’re going to have a harder time controlling what your clients are bringing into your space.  So, work on what you do have more control over.. Yourself and your team!!

Here’s a cool thing, when you and your team consciously work on creating positive energy and emotions, your clients will most often transform their energies too.  Because…. Your energy and emotions are highly contagious!  Positive or Negative.

Team Exercise:
During your next team meeting, try this team exercise:

Step 1.  Have your team stand together in a circle and have each team member, one-by-one, say 3 negative comments.  Examples:  It’s so annoying doing these drills, I’m so tired this morning, I can’t believe I have to work this Saturday, Why can’t we serve better coffee here, etc.  Make sure each person participates in the drill.  Once everyone has finished, quickly get everyone’s attention.  Ask your team…  How did that feel?  What’s the energy like? Have them feel the energy.

Step 2.  Still standing together in a circle,  have each team member, one-by-one, say 3 positive comments.  Examples:  I love that we can learn together, I feel great today and can’t wait to see my clients, I love working with this team, The coffee smells amazing, etc.  Make sure each person participates in the drill.  Once everyone has finished, quickly get everyone’s attention.  Ask your team… How did that feel?  What’s the energy like?  Have them feel the energy.

After completing step 1 and step 2, finish the process by having the entire team continue the discussion on how their energy and emotions (POSITIVE & NEGATIVE) impact the environment that they enter, as well as the ripple effect it has on their team members and ultimately their clients.  The goal is to allow for each team member to consciously feel, experience, acknowledge, and have complete understanding of how energy impacts environments and overall results.

Creating awareness and understanding allows for change!!

As always, I love to hear how the drills work for you and our team.  Post your outcomes on our Facebook page or send me an email to .  I look forward to hearing your results!!

Yours In Success!!

~Kimberly Rolandson Founder of The Salon and Spa Institute, Inc.


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