An Easy Way To Make Your Clients Feel Undervalued

Would you like to know how to easily accomplish this? You know, to make your clients feel like they have no value to you, that their business isn’t appreciated, and that they’re more of a nuisance to you than anything else. Because, if that’s your goal, here’s an easy, simple, fast way of doing so…

(My guess is you’re answering, “no way, never, not in a million years.” Unfortunately, it happens, read on…)

Verbally, so all your clients can hear, discuss with your team members how you wish you didn’t have to work today, that you’re too tired, moan and complain about how many clients you have to serve, have a negative attitude about your leader and other team members. Get the idea?

Because if that’s the conversation you’re having, the mindset that you’re operating from, and the behaviors that go along with that, you’ll be sure to create the result of having your client’s feel undervalued.

So, what happens when your clients feel undervalued and unappreciated?

Top 5 Results You’ll Create For Yourself, Your Team, Your Clientele, and Your Community

  1. Your clients will spend far less money with you. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, how can they possibly value the service(s) you’re providing? Therefore, your chances of increasing your add-on services will quickly diminish.
  2. Your client retention levels will plummet. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why on earth would they consider re-booking with you? Clients are seeking a “total experience”, not just a service from you. They want to be in an environment that creates & supports positive energy, relaxation, and pampering.
  3. Your referrals will massively decline. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they refer their friends and family to you? Your clients don’t want their family and friends to have the undervalued experience, besides that becomes a direct reflection on your client. Your client then looks bad to those they referred to you.
  4. Your retail sales will be dismal. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they buy retail from you? They’ve lost their trust with you and your relationship with them has suffered. It’s the trust you create with your client and the relationship you’ve built with them that will predict your retail sales outcome. Trust me, they’re still going to purchase product, but when you’ve broken their trust, they’ll spend it elsewhere…guaranteed.
  5. Your team’s overall results will decline. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they continue doing business at your salon & spa location? What happens is this… the overall salon & spa’s numbers will decline because everything is energy. The more negative energy you create and project across your salon and spa environment, the more your team members and their clients will be affected. They’ll pick-up on an incongruent feeling even though their service provider may not operate from a negative mindset…yet. The negative and mismatched energy will flow throughout the entire environment. And soon, everyone’s numbers are affected and everyone’s income becomes less.

However, if those aren’t the results you’re looking for…

You’ve got to come to work with an attitude of gratitude. An attitude that desires to create an experience for your clients that is of high-standards. An attitude that creates a joyful disposition. An attitude that says you’re ready to serve your clients from a place of sincerity. An attitude that shows your clients you’re there for them. An attitude that creates actions that reflect the results you really want for your clients. An attitude that communicates to your team that you’re on the team for the greater good, the mission of the organization, and the service of your community.

Because, when your attitude is operating from the positive, powerful and loving mindset… Magic happens. Your clients feel valued, your team members feel valued, your community feels valued, and the end result is that you feel amazing. When you feel amazing, you choose actions that authentically serve others and the outcome is this…

Your needs (physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially) will be
abundantly met and you’ll be abundantly blessed.

Go out today and value your clients, your team, and yourself.

You deserve all the joy, happiness, richness, and peace that comes along with serving others authentically and having an attitude of gratitude.

Yours In Success!


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