Falling Behind From Exhaustion

Are you constantly struggling to have enough energy to get through your day?

Are you guilty of constantly complaining?  Do people say you’re a negative person, you focus on the problems, or your energy is draining?  Or, do you know someone like that?

It’s frustrating to hear constant complaining from others, isn’t it?  But, what’s more frustrating is to witness someone operating in a negative cycle, spinning out of control, and damaging themselves, their fullest potential, and ultimately their future.

This past Saturday, my 11 year-old daughter and I went for a run together, she started complaining within the first 1/2 mile that she was tired, her shoes hurt her feet, her hair was in her face, and so on.  The more she was complaining, the more tired she was getting. I was watching her entire body shift from total excitement to go running, to totally wanting to quit within 10 minutes.

I said, “I know this is tough, but let’s play a game”.  The game was, anytime either one of us spoke, it had to be something positive. So, she began with a bit of a sourness to her voice, saying “the flowers are pink, the breeze feels great, the birds are singing, the sprinklers feel good running by them”, and then she starts laughing saying, “this is fun!!”.

It literally took 2 minutes for her words to change, her attitude to shift, her body to get into alignment, and her smile to reappear and laughter to begin.

I smiled at the situation, knowing how often this happens in business.  I watch my new clients struggling with their energy levels, their productivity, and their profit levels.  As I listen to their words very carefully, I can predict where their numbers are at without even asking for them. I then have them hear how they’ve been speaking.


Most often, my clients are SHOCKED by their words. They’re surprised at how they’ve let negative talk take control of their lives. They’re usually dumbfounded with their behaviors and they have been blaming everyone else for the negative chatter.

It’s such an easy trap to fall into, but it’s a deadly trap. When you choose to speak of the negative things surrounding you, speaking bad things about yourself, complaining that nothing good will ever happen to you, and so on… It will keep you from getting ahead.  It will keep you from fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You’ll Fall Behind From Exhaustion!

Negative energy and the exhaustion it creates will absolutely sabotage your physical, emotional, and mental state.  It will impact your results and you’ll end up quitting on yourself and your dreams.


1.  How can you eliminate the negativity and focus on the positives?
2.  Identify where, when, and why you allow the negative to take control.
3.  What are the patterns you create in your life with the negative talk? What areas in your life are you sabotaging?

Remember, the words you speak will create the life you live.  Choose words that uplift you, that build upon your character, that encourage you to succeed, and words that will create a positive ripple effect.

Choose words that reflect the success you’re meant to experience.

Yours In Success!


For More Information:  www.thesalonandspainstitute.com

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2 Responses to Falling Behind From Exhaustion

  1. Bill says:

    Kimberly, Thank You for you in site to our “salon” world. So many time we get cought on this downward slide and can’t see it. Such a inspiration for us all to see the bright side every day!!!!

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