It’s Your Time To Shine

It’s Your Time To Shine

I just finished a weekly mentoring session with a beautiful client of mine and I felt compelled to write and share this piece with you…

Here’s her story (And How You Fit In It):

She recently left her high-level position with a well-known organization in the industry.

She began to feel like she was losing control of her future.  She said she would go to sleep anxious, wake-up exhausted, was gaining weight, was spinning plates, and did not see a way out.  She explained that even though she was moving ahead, gaining traction, and having increased success in her position she felt an incongruence deep within her core being.

Something was off and she knew it was time to become intentionally AWARE of herself and her surroundings.  She started to journal.  She made journal entries from the time she woke up until the time she went to sleep.  She was incredibly specific with how she was feeling, what those feelings were, and when those feelings presented themselves.

She quickly began to see patterns emerging in her journal.  She started to identify what was causing her incongruence and what was creating her positive energies both personally and professionally.  She said it took only a couple of weeks to become incredibly AWARE and from that position she knew what she needed to do.


She took responsibility of where she was at.  She didn’t blame anyone or anything.  She knew that it was up to her to position herself in an arena that supported her, her core values, her vision of her future, and her desire to become a most brilliant version of herself.

She looked into other companies that she valued and respected.  She did her research, she met with prospective employers.  She did her due-diligence.  She admired many organizations in the industry that she hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know.  She made her decision.

She decided to open her own business.  She never imagined doing so, she knows it not for everyone, but for her it all seemed right.  It felt like the right time.  She wanted to create a legacy for herself and her two daughters.

She created her arena to play in.  She brought together a team of individuals that support her vision, her mission, and her core values.  She began her new journey.  She says she’s working more than ever, but she’s in love with her decision, her life, and her future.

She’s now 12 weeks into her new journey.  She’s having success and she’s having growing pains.  She brought me into her company to help mentor her as a leader, to help her vision expand and become a reality, and to help her create a Set of Standards that supports the mission of her organization. She’s on fire!

I am so excited about her future.  I am so excited she took control of her destiny.  I am so excited she had the desire to understand what the incongruency was inside of her.  I am so excited that she didn’t let someone else determine her value.

She’s defining her value.  She’s priceless.

She’s refreshed and she’s dusting the past experiences, frustrations, resistance, overwhelm, and exhaustion off of her. She’s an inspiration. She’s shining bright.  She’s a beautiful diamond.

I’m sharing her story with you because, you too are priceless and you too deserve to create the business and life you love.  You deserve to play in an arena that allows you to be you.

Your arena doesn’t have to be your own Salon & Spa, but it’s got to support your core values.  You’ve got to be able to show-up and be your authentic genius, your beautiful being, and your vision of your future… Wherever you’re at or wherever it is you may go.

I’m sharing her story with you because I want you to find your happiness, find your energy, find your passion, and find YOU again.

It’s your time… It’s your time to step into your arena and be your bright shining brilliant self.  Because you’re a brilliant diamond and the entire universe is waiting to see you sparkle.

Find Your Shine, Dust Off Your Diamond, And Authentically Be You!

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