Is This You, Can You Relate?

Earlier today, I had a call with a coaching client of mine.  A beautifully-spirited, talented, intelligent, compassionate, business owner who has great things going for her.

She sounds amazing, right? A Total Success? Can YOU Relate?

Here’s the tragic thing though…
Her SELF-VALUE is LOW. Incredibly incredibly LOW. 

Her perception of her own value is based on the combination of other people’s opinions, thoughts, comments…then you add in her experiences and her past conditioning.  She’s allowed others to define her value and she’s busy apologizing for who she is, what she stands for, and what she believes in.

Matter of fact, she’s spent the better part of her life trying to fit into the molds that others have built for her.  The molds that have created a quieter, less outspoken, be accepting of lower standards, don’t try so hard, be less goal oriented, sit in the back corner, and don’t create any upset kind-of-person.

So, in turn, her outcomes have been far less than they should be. Why? Because of her INCONGRUENCY.  In other words, she stopped showing up as her natural authentic being; therefore her outcomes are low and her struggles are high.

She struggles for energy and when she musters up enough, it doesn’t last.  She rarely commits to goals anymore because she doesn’t believe she’s worth reaching them.  She doesn’t speak up.  She doesn’t ask for what she needs. She holds back her deepest desires.  She cuts her dreams in half.  She doesn’t see past her mistakes. She quits before finishing.  She doesn’t start many new things because she fears she won’t finish.  And so on.


So today, we worked on PERMISSION

We started the process of giving herself permission to experience her uniqueness, her talents, her voice, her opinions, her thoughts, her values, her dreams, her goals, her vision, her feelings, her spirit, and her desires.

One of her discoveries today was that she gave up her permission to be herself when she was told she was too successful.

WHAT? Yes!!!  Her past relationship said she was too successful for him, she had too many goals, she wanted too much, she was always trying to achieve more.  And he couldn’t keep up with it.  So, he talked her into accepting less of herself, her dreams, her goals, her desires… To go against her natural being.

Her Authentic Genius was Compromised.

She had subconsciously sabotaged herself over a period of time and eventually her outcomes matched her compromised behaviors/actions and her conditioned beliefs about herself. She went from exceeding goals to not setting goals, to questioning her talents, to losing her excitement in life, to losing her identity.

She stopped showing-up to WIN. She stopped living her life. She gave-up.

 She was making decisions for her life
based on the Opinion of Another.  

As our coaching session was coming to a close this morning, I gave her some homework, and told her I couldn’t wait to pick back up next week during our next session.

But then…

Two hours after our coaching session, she phoned me back!!!

She said, “I had to call you… I know we have a long ways to go and I have a lot of work to do. But, the clarity I gained on when I started to sabotage myself in a BIG BAD WAY is blowing me away.  So, I am starting with this one piece of PERMISSION. I have given myself permission today to BELIEVE in myself again.”  She could barely get through her words, she was crying, laughing, yelling, and then all of a sudden… Her voice stabilized and was of PEACE.

She then, very clearly, said, “Today, I give myself Permission To BELIEVE in myself again.”  After repeating it a dozen times, she started to Believe!!! How did I know? Because something shifted in her at the core, then her voice changed, and matched her words.  It was heard, it was felt. She was CONGRUENT on this.  She BELIEVED!

She’s in the process of discovering who she is again.
I can’t wait for her next coaching call, her next a-ha, her next decision, her next piece of clarity, her next level of awareness. I can’t wait to see where she’ll be and what her outcomes will be when we complete our coaching.  My guess… She’ll be well on her way to creating the life again that SHE loves!!!

Can you relate?  Can you identify with what happened to her?  I believe at some level we all have had an experience or two in our lives where we lost sight of who we are, what we want, where we want to be, what we want to achieve in order to please others.  Honor Yourself!!!

Don’t allow other people’s thoughts, opinions, comments, or actions keep you from being the natural brilliant, authentic genius that you already are.

Remember, The More You’re Authentically You… 

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Financially.

Keep BELIEVING In You, Your Core Values, Your Core Passions, And The Very Essence Of Who You Already Are.

Believe 2016 Is Your Year To Shine Brightly!!

Always Believe,


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It’s A Brand New Day…. GOOD MORNING!

It’s A Brand New Day… GOOD MORNING!

Are you going to take today on like a CHAMPION?  What are you going to do today that your future self will thank you for?

What are you willing to do today?  What bad habit are you willing to break today?  What are you willing to commit to today?

Make it a day you choose to shift things for yourself.

What will you declare this day to be for you?


It’s time to stop quitting on yourself and your future.  It’s time to stop ripping yourself off.  It’s time to stop standing in your own way.  It’s time to stop giving your dreams away to others.

It’s time TO BE YOU!  The REAL YOU! 

Let go of the worry, the doubt, the fear, the unknown… HAVE FAITH IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL BEING.

You already have everything inside of you that you need in order to achieve your goals and your dreams.

It’s just that life has gotten in the way, you’ve gone through some experiences, some situations, some bad decisions, some bad relationships that have thrown a layer of dust on your AUTHENTIC GENIUS!!

It’s time to DUST YOURSELF OFF and BE




You came into this world with special gifts and talents that only you’ve been blessed with, for a reason, and it’s time to start using them.  I believe that if we don’t use our gifts and talents; we’ll lose them overtime.  That’s when our dreams begin to die, our hopes start to fade, and self-imposed limitations start creeping in.

That’s why it’s time you make a decision to declare today as a NEW DAY…


Be in daily gratitude, acknowledge all the beauty surrounding you, be willing to experience life in a new way… Be willing to focus on the positives, the blessings, the opportunities, and all that you have right now in this very moment.

Here’s To Your New Day!


2016 Live Education Calendar Has Been Updated!! or

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3-Day ALL-INCLUSIVE Mastery Retreat For The Salon & Spa Professional

It’s Time To Play A Bigger Game… Join Us For This Transformational Retreat!!

If you’re STUCK, feeling a lack of motivation, tired of settling for the status-quo, frustrated with your results, you’ve got to get to the 3-Day Mastery Retreat!  This program is changing lives of Salon & Spa Professionals across the country.

Matter of fact, I have received letters and phone calls from participants, beyond excited to tell me that they are having historical increases in their numbers, expanding their Salons, hiring additional talent like never before, healthier relationships, improved physical health, confidence levels soaring, plus so many more cool stories.

If you’re serious about changing your Salon & Spa Business & changing your life… You’ve got to get to this program!

*Mastery Program is held in SCOTTSDALE, AZ AREA.

Here’s the deal, we have 1 upcoming Mastery Program…

January 30-February 1st, 2016 – 20 Spots Available 12 Spots Remain Available

Because of the nature of this program and the intense transformation work we do; this program is capped at 20 participants per program.

****As A Refresher, This Program Includes:

Luxurious Accommodations In a Beautiful Mansion On A Private 4 acre Vineyard.
Access To On-Site 24-Hour Personal Chef (All foods are organic, clean, gluten-free)
Unlimited Meals, Fresh Juices, Smoothies, Coffees, Teas, etc.
First-Class Chauffeur Service To/From Airport
All Education Materials
World Class Transformation Instruction/Education For 3-Days
Champagne Toast & Send-Off Celebration

Program Investment

$1997.00 YOUR PRICE: $1697 (savings of $300!!)

If you’re considering going, still have questions, want to discuss payment options, CALL MY TEAM RIGHT AWAY!! Call @1-888-709-9342
XOXO~Kimberly 🙂

*Pictures from July 2015 Mastery Program

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It’s Your Time To Shine

It’s Your Time To Shine

I just finished a weekly mentoring session with a beautiful client of mine and I felt compelled to write and share this piece with you…

Here’s her story (And How You Fit In It):

She recently left her high-level position with a well-known organization in the industry.

She began to feel like she was losing control of her future.  She said she would go to sleep anxious, wake-up exhausted, was gaining weight, was spinning plates, and did not see a way out.  She explained that even though she was moving ahead, gaining traction, and having increased success in her position she felt an incongruence deep within her core being.

Something was off and she knew it was time to become intentionally AWARE of herself and her surroundings.  She started to journal.  She made journal entries from the time she woke up until the time she went to sleep.  She was incredibly specific with how she was feeling, what those feelings were, and when those feelings presented themselves.

She quickly began to see patterns emerging in her journal.  She started to identify what was causing her incongruence and what was creating her positive energies both personally and professionally.  She said it took only a couple of weeks to become incredibly AWARE and from that position she knew what she needed to do.


She took responsibility of where she was at.  She didn’t blame anyone or anything.  She knew that it was up to her to position herself in an arena that supported her, her core values, her vision of her future, and her desire to become a most brilliant version of herself.

She looked into other companies that she valued and respected.  She did her research, she met with prospective employers.  She did her due-diligence.  She admired many organizations in the industry that she hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know.  She made her decision.

She decided to open her own business.  She never imagined doing so, she knows it not for everyone, but for her it all seemed right.  It felt like the right time.  She wanted to create a legacy for herself and her two daughters.

She created her arena to play in.  She brought together a team of individuals that support her vision, her mission, and her core values.  She began her new journey.  She says she’s working more than ever, but she’s in love with her decision, her life, and her future.

She’s now 12 weeks into her new journey.  She’s having success and she’s having growing pains.  She brought me into her company to help mentor her as a leader, to help her vision expand and become a reality, and to help her create a Set of Standards that supports the mission of her organization. She’s on fire!

I am so excited about her future.  I am so excited she took control of her destiny.  I am so excited she had the desire to understand what the incongruency was inside of her.  I am so excited that she didn’t let someone else determine her value.

She’s defining her value.  She’s priceless.

She’s refreshed and she’s dusting the past experiences, frustrations, resistance, overwhelm, and exhaustion off of her. She’s an inspiration. She’s shining bright.  She’s a beautiful diamond.

I’m sharing her story with you because, you too are priceless and you too deserve to create the business and life you love.  You deserve to play in an arena that allows you to be you.

Your arena doesn’t have to be your own Salon & Spa, but it’s got to support your core values.  You’ve got to be able to show-up and be your authentic genius, your beautiful being, and your vision of your future… Wherever you’re at or wherever it is you may go.

I’m sharing her story with you because I want you to find your happiness, find your energy, find your passion, and find YOU again.

It’s your time… It’s your time to step into your arena and be your bright shining brilliant self.  Because you’re a brilliant diamond and the entire universe is waiting to see you sparkle.

Find Your Shine, Dust Off Your Diamond, And Authentically Be You!

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Falling Behind From Exhaustion

Are you constantly struggling to have enough energy to get through your day?

Are you guilty of constantly complaining?  Do people say you’re a negative person, you focus on the problems, or your energy is draining?  Or, do you know someone like that?

It’s frustrating to hear constant complaining from others, isn’t it?  But, what’s more frustrating is to witness someone operating in a negative cycle, spinning out of control, and damaging themselves, their fullest potential, and ultimately their future.

This past Saturday, my 11 year-old daughter and I went for a run together, she started complaining within the first 1/2 mile that she was tired, her shoes hurt her feet, her hair was in her face, and so on.  The more she was complaining, the more tired she was getting. I was watching her entire body shift from total excitement to go running, to totally wanting to quit within 10 minutes.

I said, “I know this is tough, but let’s play a game”.  The game was, anytime either one of us spoke, it had to be something positive. So, she began with a bit of a sourness to her voice, saying “the flowers are pink, the breeze feels great, the birds are singing, the sprinklers feel good running by them”, and then she starts laughing saying, “this is fun!!”.

It literally took 2 minutes for her words to change, her attitude to shift, her body to get into alignment, and her smile to reappear and laughter to begin.

I smiled at the situation, knowing how often this happens in business.  I watch my new clients struggling with their energy levels, their productivity, and their profit levels.  As I listen to their words very carefully, I can predict where their numbers are at without even asking for them. I then have them hear how they’ve been speaking.


Most often, my clients are SHOCKED by their words. They’re surprised at how they’ve let negative talk take control of their lives. They’re usually dumbfounded with their behaviors and they have been blaming everyone else for the negative chatter.

It’s such an easy trap to fall into, but it’s a deadly trap. When you choose to speak of the negative things surrounding you, speaking bad things about yourself, complaining that nothing good will ever happen to you, and so on… It will keep you from getting ahead.  It will keep you from fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You’ll Fall Behind From Exhaustion!

Negative energy and the exhaustion it creates will absolutely sabotage your physical, emotional, and mental state.  It will impact your results and you’ll end up quitting on yourself and your dreams.


1.  How can you eliminate the negativity and focus on the positives?
2.  Identify where, when, and why you allow the negative to take control.
3.  What are the patterns you create in your life with the negative talk? What areas in your life are you sabotaging?

Remember, the words you speak will create the life you live.  Choose words that uplift you, that build upon your character, that encourage you to succeed, and words that will create a positive ripple effect.

Choose words that reflect the success you’re meant to experience.

Yours In Success!


For More Information:

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An Easy Way To Make Your Clients Feel Undervalued

Would you like to know how to easily accomplish this? You know, to make your clients feel like they have no value to you, that their business isn’t appreciated, and that they’re more of a nuisance to you than anything else. Because, if that’s your goal, here’s an easy, simple, fast way of doing so…

(My guess is you’re answering, “no way, never, not in a million years.” Unfortunately, it happens, read on…)

Verbally, so all your clients can hear, discuss with your team members how you wish you didn’t have to work today, that you’re too tired, moan and complain about how many clients you have to serve, have a negative attitude about your leader and other team members. Get the idea?

Because if that’s the conversation you’re having, the mindset that you’re operating from, and the behaviors that go along with that, you’ll be sure to create the result of having your client’s feel undervalued.

So, what happens when your clients feel undervalued and unappreciated?

Top 5 Results You’ll Create For Yourself, Your Team, Your Clientele, and Your Community

  1. Your clients will spend far less money with you. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, how can they possibly value the service(s) you’re providing? Therefore, your chances of increasing your add-on services will quickly diminish.
  2. Your client retention levels will plummet. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why on earth would they consider re-booking with you? Clients are seeking a “total experience”, not just a service from you. They want to be in an environment that creates & supports positive energy, relaxation, and pampering.
  3. Your referrals will massively decline. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they refer their friends and family to you? Your clients don’t want their family and friends to have the undervalued experience, besides that becomes a direct reflection on your client. Your client then looks bad to those they referred to you.
  4. Your retail sales will be dismal. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they buy retail from you? They’ve lost their trust with you and your relationship with them has suffered. It’s the trust you create with your client and the relationship you’ve built with them that will predict your retail sales outcome. Trust me, they’re still going to purchase product, but when you’ve broken their trust, they’ll spend it elsewhere…guaranteed.
  5. Your team’s overall results will decline. Why? Because, if you’re not making your clients feel valued, why would they continue doing business at your salon & spa location? What happens is this… the overall salon & spa’s numbers will decline because everything is energy. The more negative energy you create and project across your salon and spa environment, the more your team members and their clients will be affected. They’ll pick-up on an incongruent feeling even though their service provider may not operate from a negative mindset…yet. The negative and mismatched energy will flow throughout the entire environment. And soon, everyone’s numbers are affected and everyone’s income becomes less.

However, if those aren’t the results you’re looking for…

You’ve got to come to work with an attitude of gratitude. An attitude that desires to create an experience for your clients that is of high-standards. An attitude that creates a joyful disposition. An attitude that says you’re ready to serve your clients from a place of sincerity. An attitude that shows your clients you’re there for them. An attitude that creates actions that reflect the results you really want for your clients. An attitude that communicates to your team that you’re on the team for the greater good, the mission of the organization, and the service of your community.

Because, when your attitude is operating from the positive, powerful and loving mindset… Magic happens. Your clients feel valued, your team members feel valued, your community feels valued, and the end result is that you feel amazing. When you feel amazing, you choose actions that authentically serve others and the outcome is this…

Your needs (physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially) will be
abundantly met and you’ll be abundantly blessed.

Go out today and value your clients, your team, and yourself.

You deserve all the joy, happiness, richness, and peace that comes along with serving others authentically and having an attitude of gratitude.

Yours In Success!


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Yes, You’re The Toughest Sale!

The reality is, that selling You to You is the toughest sale of all!  Why?

Because most of us stand in our own way!  Sound familiar?  Self-doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence, sabotage, etc.  How many times have you had a great idea, you have argued with yourself, and 5 minutes later, the self-doubting side of you wins!

For example, how many of you thought about working out this morning?  Did you do it?  If so, awesome!  If not, why not?  Was it because you were too tired, too busy, worked out last week, deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be healthy, what was it?  Self-sabotage happens at a conscious and subconscious level.  Most of the time, you don’t even know you’re doing it…

Here’s the good news and the bad news…

Bad news first, you were conditioned to think and do things the way you do.  Good news is, YOU can recondition yourself to be who you want to BE!

It starts with being able to sell you to you. To believe in who you are, who you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE.  You must create the buy-in with yourself and believe in the value you offer, and the natural God-Given talents you have to share with the world.  People are waiting on you and your gifts, because only you have the perfect formula they need.  But, like many of us, you may need to work on your self-concept and perception of your own value in order to make the perfect formula of you shine instead of shy away.

So, I wanted to share 3 easy yet very effective strategies to put into place immediately to start shifting your very own perception of your self-value, and once and for all… Sell You to You!

1.    STOP trying to be someone you’re notMake a list of 5 things you love most about what YOU do and who YOU are.  Read the list.  How does it make you feel?  Energetic, passionate, excited? Focus on what gives you the positive feelings.  Because, when you’re trying to copy someone else, you’ll have an out-of-sort feeling and that’s also the perception people will have of you.  Keep the list handy, and read, and re-read.  Ignite the real YOU with the energy it creates.

2.   Focus on what’s right about you.  Your talents, your expertise, your ability to make others feel beautiful, your ability to love others, your generosity, etc.  Stop thinking of what may be wrong with you… That detracts you from your beautiful being.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have things we need to improve upon, but focus on the real you; the you that makes a positive impact with so many people.

3.   When you’re feeling beat down, low energy, and questioning your amazing talentsFind a quiet place, close your eyes, and recall a time in your life when you felt totally awesome, unstoppable, at peak performance, and felt like a “nothing gets better than this” moment.  Good.  Stay with that feeling.  Feels amazing right?  The surge of confidence, the burst of energy, and the belief in You again.  Leverage those emotions and feelings and do what you do best.  It takes less than 1-minute to do this exercise and it’s so powerful that it can change your entire being that quickly.

The more you focus on who you truly are the more you will win!  The more healthy relationships you’ll build, the more ideal clients you’ll attract, the more money you’ll make, and the more happiness  you’ll create all around you.

Let your self-sabotaging behaviors be a trend of the past and practice the 3 easy yet very effective strategies to use…daily!  Recondition your mindset for total success and finally master the toughest sale of all… Selling You to You!

You’re Amazing!


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