Undercover Operation Series – Arizona (Part 1)

I Can’t Believe What I Saw….

Goal:  To check out an established Salon & Spa in Arizona
Outcome:  Disappointment and Shock

So, a couple days ago, I had some time between clients and I decided to check out an established Salon & Spa in Arizona and you’ll never believe what I saw…

First, let me tell you a little bit about this place.  This Salon & Spa has been open for about 3 years.  They have a fairly reputable name in the area and many people do frequent their establishment.  They have 10 chairs, 2 skin treatment rooms, and 1 massage room.  They’ve got a great location in a busy shopping area, easy access and plenty of parking.  A beautiful retail section, extremely clean, and an overall inviting environment.

So, here’s what happened…

When I walked in, I was greeted in a very friendly professional way and I was asked if I had an appointment.  I explained to the salon coordinator that I was just checking out their Salon & Spa and would love to see what services they offered.

She cheerfully walked around from the desk and took me on a tour of the facility.  I overheard a disturbing conversation between two stylists (hang tight for details).  And as we approached the front area after the tour I witnessed the most insane moment…

One of the stylist was hijacking product and putting into her purse!!

I’m not kidding, I wish I was.

Now, before you all assume she must have paid for it or made some arrangements… I can assure you she didn’t because during the tour, I heard her tell a fellow stylist what she was about to do.

After she put about 6 different items into her handbag, she said her goodbyes to her team and off she went.  The fellow stylist went outside a few minutes later.

I stood there for a few minutes, digesting what I just witnessed, to only be consumed with shock and utter disgust.

As I can only imagine, you, right at this very moment have your mouth hitting the floor.

The legal, moral, and ethical issues of it all.  How that one decision robs herself, her future, her team, the business owner, and the business as a whole.

The salon coordinator was oblivious to what was going on.  I kindly asked if the owner was available.  She said yes that she was finishing up an appointment and she would send her up front shortly.

I waited a few minutes and….

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story.

Next week in your inbox you’ll find out what happened and how the situation ended.

In the meantime, think about this situation….

  • What would you do if you witnessed this happening in your Salon or Spa that you put your heart and soul into?
  • How would you deal with it?
  • As a fellow team member, leader, or owner?

Until Next Week!


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Keep Your Knows In Your Business

It’s Up To You To Mind Your Own Business & Know Your Own Business…

This is one of those tough-love emails.  I’m risking ticking off a few of my readers, but I’m unwilling to watch you risk the future of your business.  You’ve chosen an industry that is filled with amazing talents & passions, courage & creativity, and opportunities to simply give you the life you’ve always dreamed of.  But, you’ve also chosen an industry that is ever-changing.

One of your biggest struggles as a salon & spa service provider is…  The ability to mind your own business and know your own business.

It’s not enough to pretend you know how to run your own business.  It’s not acceptable to rely on the salon & spa owner to provide you with a full book of clientele.  It’s not alright to think that you don’t have to work hard for everything you want with your business.  It’s not tolerable for your team when you choose to not be a strong team player.  It’s harming you and your business when you’re not tapping into your natural tendencies and your authentic self.

The marketplace is demanding, fast-moving, and changes by the minute.  So, in order to make it in the industry; you’ve got to work your business on the offensive, with a sense of urgency, and an unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to build and grow your business.

Will it take a lot of hard work, determination, and personal & professional development?  YES!  But, it’s so rewarding to create an amazing lifestyle supported by your passions and talents.

So how do you take control of your business?  How do you keep your mind in your business? And how do you know your own business?

You must get yourself a bit uncomfortable… And do things you once thought were improbable and impossible.

I’m sure if you’ve been following me over the past couple of years, you’ve heard me talk a lot about my Business Trifecta Model.  This is the business model that will keep your mindset, your thoughts, your behaviors, your actions, and your results in check.  It’s a model that works together to leverage every opportunity that’s right in front of you.

The Business Trifecta Model will change the way you mind your own business and know your own business.

The Business Trifecta Model is comprised of 3 areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Team
  3. Leadership

But, the most important part of the model is how you use each part and how they’re used together.  It’s not the typical Sales, Team, and Leadership you’re accustomed to…  I take your mindset and thoughts to a different operating level.  I will shift your context to view each area in a whole new modern approach to business.

Join me for a sneak preview of the Business Trifecta Model on Monday, May 19 for a 20-minute Teleseminar of Live Education.  I will be digging into the model a bit and start getting you to think in different ways.  I will show you that sales can actually be fun & easy, that playing on a team totally helps you versus the general annoyance once thought, and how to tap into your natural leadership tendencies.

Register Now for the sneak preview of my Business Trifecta Model at no charge.


Join me at one of my upcoming Business Trifecta Events.  I’ve invited one of my friends, the ever-popular, high-in-demand, and inspiring Peter G’ to join me on stage.  I’ve made special arrangements to offer Special Pricing for this event…. Details & Registration at www.ssibusinesstrifecta.com

I hope to have you on the call on Monday, May 19th, 2014 or at a Business Trifecta Event soon.

I will teach you in detail and in depth how to mind your own business and how to know your own business while creating the business and personal life you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time you stop relying on others to build your future; it’s time you take total control.

Yours In Success,


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Who’s Causing Your Cracks and What’s Leaking Out?!?

That’s an odd question, but trust me, keep reading on… because I’m talking about that team member that is sabotaging your business.

It’s the team member that has a negative attitude and response to just about everything, everybody, and every system in place.  It’s the team member who creates their own rules and plays by their own rules.

It’s the team member that walks in the door and immediately shifts the energy and environment. They’re an earthquake that literally rocks the place to it’s core. Their aftershocks of whining, complaining, justifying, laying-blame, backstabbing, and outright arrogant behaviors continue on and on and are deeply rooted in the environment. They create damaging cracks in the business.

These cracks are in the morale, the integrity, the team, and basically the overall health of the company.

With those cracks… leaks occur.

Those leaks are detrimental to the future of the business.


Because, when there are leaks, the integrity of the entire business is breached, and the breach causes the business to lose strength. The business needs strength in order to thrive, but at a minimum, be able to survive.

Breach of integrity leads to bad decisions, low morale, self-serving attitudes, loss of stability, key team members leave, productivity declines, and profits are dismal to none. Now, the clients are sitting in the competitor’s chair.

Is this happening in your business?


You’ve got to take this issue head-on.  It happens way too often.  It closes way too many businesses.

How to stop the cracks, save your business, and progress forward:

  1. Identify the source(s) of the cracks.  The Whos, Whats, Wheres, Whys, Whens, and Hows.
  2. Effectively communicate with those involved to gain clarity and understanding of the situations and issues at hand.
  3. Identify the root cause(s) of behaviors from those actively involved.
  4. Are those individuals able to correct their behaviors to progress forward or is it time for them to move on.  Are they going to become an asset or stay a liability to your organization?
  5. Communicate and educate your entire team on adopting practices of higher standards in behaviors, business practice, and protocols.
  6. Finally, be BOLD that your organization has a no-compromising mindset when it comes to the integrity, morale, and individual &  team behaviors. Excellence is to be practiced with everything and everyone.  Especially your clientele.

You’ve got to hold you and your team to higher standards. When you do, your cracks will disappear and your leaks will stop.  It will take some hard work, some serious clean-up, and some precious time… But, I promise you it’s totally worth the future of your business.

Yours in Success!


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It Doesn’t Have To Take Years To Build A $100,000 Dollar Annual Client Base, A Cohesive Team, and Have Extraordinary Leadership Skills.


ATTN:  Stylists, Salon/Spa Managers, Salon/Spa Owners, Estheticians, Cosmetology Grads!!!
It’s time to get serious about your business in the salon/spa industry and my guess is you wouldn’t be reading this right now unless you’re ready to make a massive change, right?

So, let me ask you a few questions…
Are you tired of worrying about what your income will be next week, next month, 6 months from now? Are you frustrated with why the salon/spa industry can be so inconsistent with growth? Are you tired of all the B.S. that goes on in your Salon/Spa environment with your team? What about all the clientele that disappears off your books? Oh, here’s a good one… Do you feel like you’ll never be a stylist, esthetician, or salon/spa owner that creates $100,000 annual client base?

READ MORE AT:  http://salesteamleadershipprogram.com

Be Awesome!



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Do You Play to Win or Play To Lose?


Do you like to win?  Or, do you prefer to lose?  Seems like a crazy question, but believe it or not many people choose to lose.  Whether it’s a conscious choice or a subconscious choice, it happens way too often.  It’s the decision and the distinction that will pave the path to your happiness, your health, your wealth, and your entire future.

So, here’s a real life example of what I’m talking about…

Last week, while working with a fairly new client and her team, she said the most life-predicting, life-telling, statement and it was this, “I would rather lose, because if I lose the other person can win.”  Let me repeat the statement, “I would rather lose, because if I lose the other person can win.”  The room went deafly silent.  The energy shifted BIG time.   I stabilized the room.  And before I go into what we did from there, let me go back to the beginning of the program with the team and explain to you how we got to that life-predicting statement.

The focus of the team meeting was to tap into the psychoses of the participants and to show them how playing games reflects true behaviors. This creates an environment that allows for self-awareness and self-discovery (if you have a qualified facilitator that demands change). It’s my duty as a facilitator not to shove thoughts towards the participants.  My goal is to get the participants to pull out all their own brilliance from their conditioning and past experiences that they’ve been hiding behind.  It’s to encourage and to allow them to discover their genius they have inside of themselves.

As with all of my programs, events, and classes I teach, I always incorporate games for experiential learning opportunities.  Because when the participants are actively engaged in the learning process, their learning experiences and outcomes are infinitely greater. 

Why use games? Because, it gives you the experience to participate and engage your top three learning modalities all at once.  It’s about tapping into your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning in a safe structured environment to maximize your experience and anchor what you’ve learned, so you can access into it anytime you need to.

So, the game I chose had two parts to it.  But first, I had the room break up into two teams.  With the teams at their designated area, I spoke to the entire group at once so everyone could hear the instructions for the game.  There would be no variation on rules between teams.  They both heard the instructions at the same time.  (Very Important)

The first objective was to take the 2 supply items I gave them and complete part one.   I gave each team two minutes to complete.  I stopped the clock mid-way through.  I did a status check with both teams.  Team #1 was cruising right along, they were smiling and feeling good about things.  Team #2 was frustrated, one participant went and sat down for a minute and left the others hanging. 

How many of you have seen this in your own workplace or in yourself?  You’re frustrated so you quit, you’re left hanging when a co-worker doesn’t show-up, or you’re winning and you’re letting the world know?

Interesting huh?

So, I started the clock again with 1 minute left to complete part one, they were both able to complete the task and complete with accuracy.  The time-out allowed for people to regroup their thoughts, control their emotions, and step back into the game.  Everyone at this point has had a win.  The key is to always know when to call a time-out.  Know when to stabilize your team, know when to find out what’s working and what’s not, so everyone can get back on the same page and complete tasks with success.  Allow for learning. Allow for WINS!
When do you think you should have called a time-out in your business and personal life and you didn’t?  Would it have helped prevent a disaster?  Would you have saved yourself a lot of pain, time, and money?

Incorporate this scenario into your next team meeting as a team exercise/challenge.  Discuss.  What would members of your team do?  Discuss how things could have been avoided if a time-out was called.

**NOTE:  It doesn’t have to be a big deal or take a lot of time to call a time-out and discuss.  The more you do it, the easier and faster it gets.**

Stay tuned for next week, when we get into Part 2 of the game, what happened, and learn how you can prevent yourself from consciously or subconsciously choosing to lose versus win in all areas of your life.

In the meantime, stay present and engaged with your business and your personal life this week.  Know when to call a time-out and know when to get back into the game.

Until Next Week,


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Undercover Operation #2

My Experience Visiting a Day Spa in N.W. Washington State
Goal: To have a 90-minute massage

Result:  A total wet noodle and loss of… Read on for total result!

My day started off, well let’s just say a bit soggy because I was caught in a crazy down pour.

So, what do my fellow Washingtonian’s do when it’s cold, rainy, and wet…. They consume mass amounts of coffee.  Literally every four corners at each intersection has an espresso place.  No joke, they’re serious about their java!  Me too, probably because I was born and raised there, it’s part of my genetic make-up now.

Okay… liquid crack in hand, and on my way to a highly anticipated 90-minute massage, to work-out the kinks in my neck and back from multiple flights.  Quite frankly, I probably looked like I was walking around with a stick up my…, well you get the point!

Amped from excessive caffeine, I arrive, and as I am pulling into a parking spot, I glance in the rear view mirror and look at my ridiculous humidified nightmare of a hair mess.  I think, nice impressionable moment…

As I am opening the door, walking in with a stick in the rear, and crazy frizzy hair, I am greeted by the most lovely, warm, and inviting young gal.  The very moment I walked through the door, she stopped what she was doing, got off her chair, came around the front of the desk, and introduced herself and asked for my name.

She immediately made me feel important and valued as a guest!

She also had the precious ability to be completely, 100% PRESENT, in her style of communication.  People crave others to give them their undivided attention.  It’s such a precious commodity and a forgotten habit.  It’s not about creating more time; it’s about how you’re using your time.

Time must be measured by quality NOT quantity.

So, I was greeted, checked-in, changed into the robe, had a relaxing herbal neck wrap on, sipping Yogi ginger tea, and sitting in silence for 15 minutes prior to having my massage.  Already… feeling soooo relaxed.

My massage therapist came into the Zen Room, introduced herself, we went over the usual stuff, and off we went into the blissful treatment room.  I was amazed at the calmness in the room, the peaceful meditative music, the scent of raw lavender oils, and how the energy of the massage therapist was totally congruent with the energy of the room.

The therapist and the treatment room were not competing with their own energies…
They matched and flowed beautifully together!

I was literally in another world for the next 90-minutes.  She listened to my requests prior to treatment, worked on the areas that needed work, she honored my request to have a quiet session, and she was brilliant!

As a therapist or any provider of service, 
you need to make it about the guest, NOT you!

The treatment was complete, she thanked me before I could thank her for the most amazing experience, she told me to not rush getting-up, to take my time, and she quietly exited the room.

I took a few…looong minutes, got dressed, and as I opened the door, she was standing to the side with a bottle of water and a personalized thank-you card for being a guest. How awesome is that?!?  I explained to her that I was here on business, but I am up in the area frequently, and I would make it a routine to see her each time I am in town.  I also asked for her cards to give to my friends and family that are still in the area.

Showing immediate appreciation for your guests will increase 
your pre-books, guest loyalty, and referrals… Guaranteed!

OUTCOME: I was a total noodle for the rest of the day, and was pretty much worthless in terms of productivity!  But, hey, who doesn’t need a break once in a while?!  I was one happy unproductive noodle! 

So, what worked at this Day Spa…

·         Immediate greeting with total presence from Spa Coordinator
·         Feeling totally valued as a guest
·         The Day Spa was crystal clear about making it about the guest; not themselves
·         Service providers with energies matching environment
·         Seamlessly including all 5 senses to give total experience to guest
·         Showing undeniable appreciation for their guests choosing their Day Spa

I usually include what didn’t work…  But, that wasn’t possible with this visit.

Remember, that the ability to be present with your guests and showing heartfelt gratitude will keep your books full… It takes some practice, but it’s the difference between profits and problems with your bottom line.

Until next week…

Be Present!


PS.  Haven’t yet joined us for Live Education?  Click Here For Details, Dates, and Cities!

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Undercover Operation: Story #1

My Experience Calling On A Salon & Spa

Goal: To set-up an appointment for a facial, brow wax, and blow-out with style

Result: 7-minute hold time, a promised call back… Well, you’ve got to read the rest to find out!

So, I recently reached out to a Salon & Spa in Northern California, to set-up a facial, brow wax, and blow-out with style.  Doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, pretty standard appointments, right?  Not so much!

Here’s what happened…

I phoned the (unnamed) Salon & Spa, asked for the services I’d wish to book.  Before, I could finish my request, I was interrupted with, “I need to place you on hold”.  Generally, by just simply asking, “May I put you on hold for a moment?”, gains more buy-in from the potential, new, or returning client.  Slight change of words, but huge difference in outcome.

Why can a slight change of words can make a difference?  Well, I understand how crazy busy everybody is, especially when there isn’t a dedicated salon coordinator, but come on, the client wants respect of their time too, particularly when they’re about to exchange their money for your professional skill sets.  Harsh, but it’s the TRUTH. Clients don’t mind holding, when asked nicely, and when it’s brief.

So, after, let’s call her Kelly, came back on the line.  She asked me to repeat what I needed, I requested the services, and I was asked to hold once more while she figured out how to schedule all three services together.  Good thing I was in my hotel room and had the ability to wait 7 minutes before Kelly got back on the line.  Yep, 7 minutes.  During my time on-hold, I wasn’t sure if she became side-tracked, forgot, or what was happening.  I didn’t hang up, because I had some time to spare and I actually enjoyed the on-hold music.  The music choice actually helped me visualize and feel the energy of the Salon & Spa before even going in.  Some will hang on the line, others will call back, and others will give-up. So, how could you change the situation and serve the client calling in?  What would you do differently? Opportunities!

Kelly came back on the line, a bit flustered, and said she would have to call me back. Sweet, wished that happened 7 minutes ago!  She asked for my phone number, I gave her my hotel’s number and room number, because I don’t always trust cell service in hotels.   Here’s where it gets very interesting and game changing!

Two-hours went by and no call back.  Seriously, do these people really not want my money? It’s estimated that I would have spent approximately $160 plus tips.  Do you want to lose $160 plus tips?  I know I wouldn’t want my company to miss out on serving anyone!

As early evening was arriving, approximately 6:30pm, there was a knock on my door.  I looked through the peep hole and there was a gal standing there with a bag and flowers. Not in hotel uniform, I was a bit apprehensive, but I did open the door after I asked who it was.  “My name is Kelly, from xyz Salon & Spa.”  Can you believe it?  Neither could I!

Kelly personally came to me, to apologize and to get me to trust her and her Salon & Spa. She asked if I would give them a chance to get me in their doors.  As she wooed me with a bouquet of flowers, a gift bag of body lotion, and various sample size products, I was delighted at the attempt to save a prospective client.  She explained to me that they were super short staffed that day, that she was a stylist trying to cover for their salon coordinator who was out sick, and doing her best while trying to serve all.  I told her that I totally understand that things happen, people can be out sick, and stuff hits the fan.  But, I also told her it’s great to always have back-up plans. And most importantly, when you’re under pressure… The best way to get through it is to Deliver Customer Service In A Way That Could Make It Nearly Impossible To Lose A Prospective Client, A New Client, or A Returning Client

She appreciated the feedback, I appreciated the reach-out, and I had to catch a flight the next morning and was unable to book at that point.  However, I do know the next time I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will make it a point to stop in for an appointment, or at the very least to say hi to Kelly and her Team!

Team Exercise:

At your next team meeting, read to the team the Undercover Operation.  Ask the questions and discuss as a team.  If you don’t have a team, do this exercise alone.  It works both ways!

So, what were the missed opportunities?  How would you eliminate the potential issues? How would you overcome the situation?  What worked?  What didn’t work?

Remember, group discussion and group think is the quickest and most effective way to make changes, leverage opportunities, and get the results you want.

Until next week,


PS.  Have you registered for the upcoming Sales*Team*Leadership Mastery 2-Day Transformation Program.  Coming up September 22-23, 2013 in beautiful Scottsdale AZ!  Details at http://www.thesalonandspainstitute.com/2-Day-Program.html 


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Yes, You’re The Toughest Sale of All!

The reality is, that selling You to You is the toughest sale of all!  Why?  Because most of us stand in our own way!  Sound familiar?  Self-doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence, sabotage, etc.  How many times have you had a great idea, you have argued with yourself, and 5 minutes later, the self-doubting side of you wins!  For example, how many of you thought about working out this morning?  Did you do it?  If so, awesome!  If not, why not?  Was it because you were too tired, too busy, worked out last week, deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be healthy, what was it?  Self-sabotage happens at a conscious and subconscious level.  Most of the time, you don’t even know you’re doing it…
Here’s the good news and the bad news…

Bad news first, you were conditioned to think and do things the way you do.  Good news is, YOU can recondition yourself to be who you want to BE! 

It starts with being able to sell you to you. To believe in who you are, who you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE.  You must create the buy-in with yourself and believe in the value you offer, and the natural God-Given talents you have to share with the world.  People are waiting on you and your gifts, because only you have the perfect formula they need.  But, like many of us, you may need to work on your self-concept and perception of your own value in order to make the perfect formula of you shine instead of shy away.

So, I wanted to share 3 easy yet very effective strategies to put into place immediately to start shifting your very own perception of your self-value, and once and for all… Sell You to You!

1.    STOP trying to be someone you’re not!  Make a list of 5 things you love most about what YOU do and who YOU are.  Read the list.  How does it make you feel? Energetic, passionate, excited? Focus on what gives you the positive feelings.  Because, when you’re trying to copy someone else, you’ll have an out-of-sort feeling and that’s also the perception people will have of you.  Keep the list handy, and read, and re-read.  Ignite the real YOU with the energy it creates.

2.   Focus on what’s right about you.  Your talents, your expertise, your ability to make others feel beautiful, your ability to love others, your generosity, etc.  Stop thinking of what may be wrong with you… That detracts you from your beautiful being.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have things we need to improve upon, but focus on the real you; the you that makes a positive impact with so many people.

3.   When you’re feeling beat down, low energy, and questioning your amazing talents…Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and recall a time in your life when you felt totally awesome, unstoppable, at peak performance, and felt like a “nothing gets better than this” moment.  Good.  Stay with that feeling.  Feels amazing right?  The surge of confidence, the burst of energy, and the belief in You again.  Leverage those emotions and feelings and do what you do best.  It takes less than 1-minute to do this exercise and it’s so powerful that it can change your entire being that quickly.  

The more you focus on who you truly are the more you will win!  The more healthy relationships you will build, the more ideal clients you will attract, the more money you will make, and the more happiness you will create all around you.
Let your self-sabotaging behaviors be a trend of the past and practice the 3 easy yet very effective strategies to use…daily!  Recondition your mindset for total success and finally master the toughest sale of all… Selling You to You!
You’re Amazing!


PS.  Check out our new Live Education dates for the rest of 2013 and into 2014!  We have added many new cities and can’t wait to see you!  
Click on link: http://www.thesalonandspainstitute.com/LIVE-EDUCATION.html

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5 Major Reasons I Had To Learn How To “Be Present”

I’ve always known to some degree in both my professional and personal life that being present is an incredibly powerful skill that needed to be mastered if I wanted it all.   I have done so many personal development courses that have taught on this subject and I always came out of a course feeling more powerful, increased clarity, and having a better understanding on how to have laser focus on something or someone when I wanted exchange.   Whether the exchange was communication, closing a deal, more love, more happiness, more of anything, make sense?

It wasn’t until a recent course I attended in Texas; that a higher level of clarity occurred on why I needed to master the ability and spiritual state of being present.

What is being present? Being present is an ability and a state.  It’s the ability to focus on what’s in front of you at that very moment without any distraction of any kind, from past thoughts, future thoughts, people, things, sounds, etc.  It’s a state of fully being here, in the presence-time.

Presence brings a heighted awareness to your thoughts, feelings, moods, or where your attention is fixated.

Here is a very troubling stat I learned, most people only spend roughly 3% of their time in the present.

So, if so many people are only spending about 3% of their time in the present, why is it so important?  Is that why feelings, moods or thoughts are by-passed or ignored?  No wonder why so often having conversations with others you feel like you’re having a one-sided conversation.  Or, working on a project you may be thinking of why you didn’t exercise this morning, or wondering if you turned off the coffee maker before you left the house?  Sounding familiar?

So, for two and a half days, I learned how to be totally present in EVERYTHING I was doing and EVERYONE I was having communication or interaction with.  At first I was getting frustrated, but as Day 1 progressed, it’s like something inside of me was changing.  I was feeling lighter, having a fresher perspective on things, a certain level of peace was taking over.

By the end of the course, I had a major shift happen.  The shift was so strong, that I left the course feeling unstoppable.  As I was making my way back to Arizona, I made a list of the top 5 reasons I had to keep the ability and awareness of being present an everyday habit.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons I Had To Learn To Be Present Once and For All:

  1.  Easier to confront people regardless of situation
  2.  Ability to operate In-The-Zone consistently – Much greater the rewards
  3.  A greater capacity for genuine emotional connection with others (spouse, kids, colleagues)
  4.  Improved health spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially
  5.  A greater love and desire to serve and empower others effectively

The habits that have formed and the results that have and continue to happen from being present in all areas of my life are truly a blessing.  The ability to be present is so rewarding and those you are present with benefit as well.  Because if roughly 3% of us are spending our time in the total presence, you can only imagine the gift you give them when you are.

Presence brings higher levels of awareness around you, higher level of self-concept, and a new level of connecting with others.  It’s a beautiful present to you, your family, your friends and co-workers.

To Presence & Prosperity,


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Unwritten and Unmanaged Goals Are Just Wishes And Dreams…

Okay, peeps….It’s past the mid-year mark. How are you and your business performing based on your goals for 2013?

If you’re serious about growth and success, you must write your goals down. Don’t just shove them in the drawer or never look at them again…keep your written goals right in front of you so can review often. It’s recommended that you do a full review of your goals and the progress you have made with them at least weekly. Frequency of review is imperative to goal achievement.  The purpose is to identify what’s working and what’s not working. Do the goals still align with the original purpose and vision behind them? Have resources or tools been put in place to support them? Are they working and progressing? Small progression is still progression.

Often when working with our clients, we meet the following people:

· Goals? Who needs goals? I have a job that provides me a paycheck! That’s all I need!

o In this industry, you’re basically self-employed and responsible for managing your own income levels and retirement plan. If you don’t start thinking of the “big picture”, what are you going to do when you’re 60 years old and wanting to retire? Do you have a plan in place that will support you, your family and the lifestyle you’re accustomed to without standing behind the chair because you have to and not because you want to?

· I have goals…in my head, but I don’t know how to communicate them in writing.

o Written goals don’t have to be poetic or perfect! They’re your goals and only for you, your family and/or team to see. Don’t put any energy into making sure they appear to be perfect or sensible for anyone but YOU.

· I wrote goals down once, but they never came true. So, why bother?

o Uh…yeah…how’s that attitude and approach working for ya? If you’re serious about growing and achieving more in your life – regardless of what it is – you must remain consistent and focused on steps that will get you closer to what you truly want. We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. So why not try something different and drop the cynicism…and work for some positive changes in your life?

· My “boss” makes us write goals, but I think it’s stupid. Why can’t I just come in and do my job every day without this pressure?

o Perhaps you should consider a change in your situation? Are you truly in the right place if you think that the person who is helping you support your livelihood is stupid for wanting to help you become a better version of yourself?

· I’ve got goals, but I keep coming up short on where I want to be. Maybe I should just go back to being okay with the status quo?

o Um, NO! You must STOP that negativity in your head and celebrate your WINS! Congratulations on making an effort and progress toward achieving your dreams! Find a personal coach or business advisor who can help you make the progress that you would like to get.

When we work with our clients, we partner with them to evaluate their short & long-term goals and help them create a strategic plan to drive achievement. We help review resources that will be necessary, identify behaviors or habits that may be in the way, and how to create a structured, easy to use and understand plan to put into operation. Without this type of coaching, sometimes you can be identified as “all attitude, lots of skill, but no success”–a big declaration about what you’re going to do and what needs to happen, but little attention to implementation, identifying resources, and making sure that people are deployed properly to create the results you’re looking for.

Why would you continue down a path that is not taking you where you want to go? This is the time to review where you are at (just AS-IS IT) on your journey. Conducting a “get real with yourself” midyear review still allows time for a midpoint correction if needed. You must be brave enough to evaluate where you are and determine where you want to go. Identify distractions and energy drainers. Stop the negative trends NOW –before your situation demands it. Reconnect with your purpose and vision. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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